former Bay Area woman accused of pretending to be a healer and gypping a Cupertino woman out of more than $450,000 pleaded not guilty in Santa Clara County Superior Court Thursday on four felony charges, a district attorney’s spokeswoman said. Peaches Marks, 43, was charged with one count of extortion of property, two counts of grand theft of personal property of a value over $400, and one count of using personal identifying information without authorization. The charges stem from allegations that Marks posed as a spiritual mentor andcollege professor and took more than $450,000 from a Cupertino woman between June 2003 and June 2005, Santa Clara County sheriff’s Sgt. Rick Sung said. In 2003, the victim had responded to an advertisement Marks had placed in a Chinese newspaper offering spiritual services to lonely and depressed people, according to the sheriff’s office. The victim gave Marks about $450,000 before becoming financially drained in 2005 and asking Marks to return her money. Marks avoided contact with the victim for three years and finally disappeared in late 2008. After the victim contacted the sheriff’s office in 2008, detectives discovered Marks had connections to New Jersey, New York, Florida, Las Vegas and Arizona. Working with law enforcement officials out of state, the detectives were able to identify Marks’s mode of operation, Sung said. In 2009, the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office issued a $500,000 warrant for Marks’arrest. Marks was stopped for a traffic violation and arrested on March 27 in Anaheim and then extradited to Santa Clara County. A preliminary hearing date will be set for Marks on May 26.

Help authorities to jail sara miller/peaches marks and make sure that she will stay in prison for a while

    47 East 34th st. New York NY Tel : 212 684 4159 

(other names used for her criminal activities: Maria Marks, Anna Marks,Sara Miller,Claudia Eli etc)
Authorities have found that she has also connections in: New Jersey,Arizona Florida,Las Vegas and more 
This individual is also connected with :

(her daughter) psychic/healer she currently goes by the name of Sherri (Mystycal Gallery) mysticalpsychicgallery.com  
currently located in 3021 N Broadway st

Chicago, IL 60657 (773) 327-3162

( her sister  )Psychic / Healer Faye or Cynthia or Mother Hope or Theresa or  Lynn (the name used for her ativities may be more)
she currently goes by the name of theresa  107 E 63rd St, New York, NY . 

Rev. Sister Faye Psychic Advisor (AKA Nancy Johns) 8138 Liberty Rd., Towson, MD. Nancy Johns is the mother of Gypsy psychic “Lisa Page”.
This is the “Rev. Sister Faye’s” other fortune telling parlor: 5516 Park Heights, Baltimore, MD
beware the whole family is not to be trusted!

if you believe that you have been scammed by this individual call detective Kristine Anderson

at 408 808 4431 

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