Peaches Marks : Gypsy Psychic scams

Sara Miller /Peaches Marks fake psychic/healer Real stories of victims

this individual goes by various names: PEACHES MARKS, MARIA MARKS, ANNA MARKS  or SARA MILLER used practice her criminal activity in 1015 n.clark st chicago il her phone was 312 951 1986 but she also has many connections throughout the US.

my story is very similar to other victims stories.
This “psychic/healer” told me that i had an awful curse and to remove it took from me nearly 20.000$ for candles , crystals,oils,baths and incences to lift it until i went bankrupt and she disappeard from chicago by november 2008 .

after a few months she called me back from this number: 212 684 4159 and told me to stay tranquil and positive because she had to leave chicago because her mom was very ill and they needed to come back to their town, but my spiritual work was almost completed even if we could not meet.

 she did not tell me where she was living ,  but after an advanced research on google , i found that she was working in  47 east 34th st new york.
but after she left chicago she avoided any contact with me

 then when i accidentally found out that her daughter SHERRY was working near my place (MYSTICAL GALLERY 3021 chicago il   773 327 3162). i accidentally met her on the street giving paper flyers to the people. 
 i recognized her right away and told her that her mom disappeared  with my money and without “completing” the spiritual work she had started for me .
 So her daugher sherry became very troubled and pale like someone had taken the mask off . so she told me that her mom  would come back to chicago to finish my spiritual work.
 by the end of august 2009 my con artist healer peaches marks or sara miller came back to chicago and called me to tell me that she came for me because her “work” was still in progress and almost finished ….. the curse was almost lifted B U T  in order to finish it she needed more money(2000$) because there were my envious sisters in law who were trying to stop her “divine work”  by practicing black magic against me and my boyfriend , like a dumb i agreed because i was terrorized.

 after that she left chicago and i never saw her again, and she did not take my calls then she disconnected the only  number 
that i had to contact her.
i was desperate because i thought that she left me alone without a penny and i tried to find her on google  to claim my money back.

 i found another individual who was called sara miller and her phone is : 212 682 6765 so i called that number . the person who picked up the call was her sister faye (or theresa cynthia or mother hope who worked in 107 E 63rd street new york 10021
she told me that this number was hers now and she wouldn’t give me the phone number of her sister unless i give her my credit card number , because she said :”i hope you understand that i can’t talk with you for free goodbye!” i did not agree with that and i insulted them , i told them that they should feel ashamed  for committing so many crimes in the name of Christ!

after a few monthsi checked again on google to find what they  were doing and i found that the number of peaches marks’ sister was still in service but the name that she used for her scams was not faye anymore but theresa.

Well when i found i was amazed because on the first page i found the photograph of this wanted criminal who is called ‘PEACHES MARKS”
i was amazed because i thought that her name were SARA MILLER , but i swear the she is the person who stole from me my 20.000$. she is the person who worked in 1015 n.clark st chicago il 60610 until the end of 2008. 
she is that person!! sara miller and peaches marks are the same person!
i recognized her right away and i found many interesting news of my “divine healer” on

i really hope that police will find a way to jail her for life because she and her family are criminals ! 
and the worst kind;criminals who exploit the name of Christ to destroy the people financially and emotionally! 

i had a very bad time of it but now i recovered psycologically , but i can’t tell in words what i ‘ve been through for 3 years!

now I wanna sue her,  but i’m still confused because if i do this my name will be on the papers and this would destroy my reputation and the relationship with my friends and  my  boyfriend .

but i really hope to learn from the papers that she will be for a very long time in jail.
Help authorities to jail sara miller/peaches marks and make sure that she will stay in prison for a while

    47 East 34th st. New York NY Tel : 212 684 4159 

(other names used for her criminal activities: Maria Marks, Anna Marks,Sara Miller,Claudia Eli etc)
Authorities have found that she has also connections in: New Jersey,Arizona Florida,Las Vegas and more 
This individual is also connected with :

(her daughter) psychic/healer she currently goes by the name of Sherri (Mystycal Gallery)  
currently located in 3021 N Broadway st

Chicago, IL 60657 (773) 327-3162

( her sister  )Psychic / Healer Faye or Cynthia or Mother Hope or Theresa or  Lynn (the name used for her ativities may be more)
she currently goes by the name of theresa  107 E 63rd St, New York, NY  212 682 6765

Rev. Sister Faye Psychic Advisor (AKA Nancy Johns) 8138 Liberty Rd., Towson, MD. Nancy Johns is the mother of Gypsy psychic “Lisa Page”.
This is the “Rev. Sister Faye’s” other fortune telling parlor: 5516 Park Heights, Baltimore, MD
beware the whole family is not to be trusted!


if you believe that you have been scammed by this individual call detective Kristine Anderson

at 408 808 4431 



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