Peaches Marks : real stories of victims

Hello, i ‘m writing you from chicago

 . i ‘m writing to you because i’m desperate! i feel so miserable because i’ve been a victim of a heartless woman who claimed to be a psychic and a healer, but she just stole me 20000$. the name of this person is sara miller she was working in chicago in 1015 n.clark st    and her number was 312 951 1986.

she worked there until january 2009 then i found that she moved to new york . she her self called me back saying that she had to move there because she had her mother sick but despite the long distance she would keep on working for me and for  my case.
she gave me  another number to reach her : 212  684 4159 but she disappeared,  that cel phone was always off. after a long search on the internet i found that she was working in new york in 

47 East 34th St. 
the reasons i fell victim of this person are more or less the same of the other scammed people . the first time i went to her i was desperate because i was left by the man i was in love with. i just went to her to learn if there was any hope  for this romantic relationship. i only wanted a regular reading for 20 $. she answered that me and my lover were meant to be together but his family was against our happiness. then she told me that she would make a powerful reading overnight that she would have seen all the obtacles between me and my lover for 120$ . then i accepted .
the day after i came back to her place and she said that she worked for me allnight and she saw that i had a curse , that’s why i couldn’t have a happy life . she said that she would have done  a special work to remove all these spirits around me and eventually match me with my lover .  i was so confused i had never suspected that i was carrying evil spirits. but then i thought that my life had been particularly unlucky and that maybe was the case to trust her and give it a shot .    this happened on march 2008. 
she told me to buy  an orange and boil it for 12 minutes , to rub it though my body and then place it under my bed and sleeping over it.
the day after i brought the orange to her . she took the orange and ran it along my body: legs stomach, back,  praying God to grant me salvation and healing , then she broke the orange and i saw a black stuff inside of it , she said that the black stuff inside the orange was my negativity that would leave me after she made a special work of 12 weeks and to do that she needed 36 candles that cost 100 $ each , total 3600$. i had some little  money saved , i hesitated but eventually she convinced me to use that money for my happiness that once i would see the results i ‘d have changed my mind. so i paid.
during these 12 weeks she asked me continually money because she had to refresh the materials ecc and also beause she needed 12 bills of 100$ each to put them as a sign of a  cross,to neutralize the evil spirits.  but she said that that money was used only for this ritual and then she ‘d have given  it back to me . during the first 12 weeks she made me pay 9000 $ for candles , money rituals and crystals.
the weeks went by and nothing happened i was feeling much more vulnerable and miserable . when the 12 weeks work was over she said that most of the spirits left me but there was the most powerful spirit that wasn’t easy to destroy and she needed more time to work with it
. then she did another cycle of 12 weeks work . during this time she stole me again thousands of dollars for candles , money rituals and crystals . then after the second cycle the spirit remained and she needed one more cycle to clear all the negativity around me and my lover . i was very scared and i accepted,  in a few months she stole me 18000$ . i was broke and i asked my family to help me and pay for my healing . my mother and me were desperate . since she told me that  was cursed i stopped living ,i was  desperate . then she moved to NYC and after that it wasn’t easy to find her she rarely took my calls , she onl said to have faith to keep on brlieving in her because i would have seen salvation very soon. but my situaltion stood still, i was isolated , my lover had never called me back and was broke. after many months she came to chicago to vist with her daughter sherry who works as psychic and healer in chicago: 3021 n. broadway (773 327 3162).
she said she wanted to see  me because she had something very important to tell me .
so i went there , there again she said that the work was almost finished the she saw very nice things in my life but she needed 1400$ to complete the work she had started for me . then i accepted. then she came back to NYC. after that she disappeared i couldn’t find her, her celphone was always off . so i went to see her daughter sherry  , but she only said that her mother was very busy working at church for me and for the others and that talking to her mother was very difficult even  for her. she never gave me informations about her mother and about the work that she was doing for me.
then i stopped to search both sara and her daughter sherry. and i realized that i was just a victim of people who get rich by scamming . 
now i feel worse then ever , i don’t know if it is the case too sue sara and her daughter sherry, besides i don’t have a penny to pay a couselor. i don’t know what to do . i hope that you can help me  





Help authorities to jail sara miller/peaches marks and make sure that she will stay in prison for a while

    47 East 34th st. New York NY Tel : 212 684 4159 

(other names used for her criminal activities: Maria Marks, Anna Marks,Sara Miller,Claudia Eli etc)
Authorities have found that she has also connections in: New Jersey,Arizona Florida,Las Vegas and more 
This individual is also connected with :

(her daughter) psychic/healer she currently goes by the name of Sherri (Mystycal Gallery)  
currently located in 3021 N Broadway st

Chicago, IL 60657 (773) 327-3162

( her sister  )Psychic / Healer Faye or Cynthia or Mother Hope or Theresa or  Lynn (the name used for her ativities may be more)
she currently goes by the name of theresa  107 E 63rd St, New York, NY 212 682 6765

Rev. Sister Faye Psychic Advisor (AKA Nancy Johns) 8138 Liberty Rd., Towson, MD. Nancy Johns is the mother of Gypsy psychic “Lisa Page”.
This is the “Rev. Sister Faye’s” other fortune telling parlor: 5516 Park Heights, Baltimore, MD
beware the whole family is not to be trusted!

if you believe that you have been scammed by this individual call detective Kristine Anderson



at 408 808 4431 











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