Peaches Marks ‘ cousin John Marks Jr. Arrested For the Murder of His Psychic Wife Kathy Adams

“Just a comment about John Marks Jr.
2ed cousin that was arrested in Calif. for scamming a person for $450,000 in Jan. Her name is Peaches Marks. Her sister Anna Marks took a poor soul for over 250,000 in up state NY, a few years ago. She fled to Calif. A warrant was issued a few years ago. she is still on the loose. As you can see the Marks family are the worst Roma in this country. Just some news to help people to avoid the Marks and keep there money..”


Kathy Adams was about leave John Marks, her husband of 20 years, when they both disappeared Kathy Adams was about leave John Marks, her husband of 20 years, when they both disappeared

When Colorado psychic Kathy Adams disappeared from her Colorado home in early October, her family knew exactly where to turn. They said she’d already bought a ticket to Atlanta, and that she was preparing to leave her husband John Marks Jr., who they regarded as abusive…

Kathy was found beaten and strangled to death, then wrapped in a blanket and dumped along a highway


On October 23, her body was discovered wrapped in a blanket along a highway near Pinewood Springs, Colorado. She’d been beaten and strangled to death, then duct taped in the blanket and dumped along the rural road.

But it wouldn’t be until last Friday that police arrested her husband. Marks turned himself in to detectives at a Perkins. He’s been charged with second-degree murder, and it seems that the cops have plenty of evidence against him.

When Kathy first went missing, her sister called police in Colorado to ask for a welfare check. An examination of her Fort Collins home quickly revealed a murder scene.

Detectives believe Kathy was likely killed in her bedroom, then Marks made a sloppy attempt to get rid of the evidence. Police found an 8-by-10-foot section of carpet cut away from the bedroom floor. There appeared to be blood splatter on a closet door and the place smelled of bleach. 

Tammy Adams, Kathy’s niece, also told detectives that she was on the phone with Kathy on October 8 when Marks came home. Kathy tried to hand up, but in the background Tammy could hear Marks yelling, “I’m going to fucking kill you. What the fuck are you doing?”

Further tests showed areas where the killer attempted to clean up blood. There were traces of blood around a washing machine and in sinks. The home had also been loaded up with various cleaning products. And detectives found a window covering that had the same pattern of the blanket used to wrap Kathy’s body.

Just to make his behavior more suspicious, Marks was later caught on a motel security camera checking in under a false name and paying cash for his room.


UPDATE: The body of Kathy Adams — known to her customers as Psychic Kay — has been found in a ravine off U.S. 36 highway in Colorado. The body was apparently discovered by motorists, but it was so badly decayed that police couldn’t initially tell if it was a man or a woman. See update after the jump…

Kathy Adams, a self-professed psychic from Fort Collins, Colorado, had long been having problems with her husband of 20 years, John Marks Jr. Her siblings says he was abusive, and that she was about to leave him. She’d already purchased a plane ticket to Atlanta.

She told a sister in Pennsylvania about her intent to flee on October 7. But when sis hadn’t heard from Kathy for five days, she asked police for a welfare check on Kathy’s home.

Detectives aren’t saying what they found, but they are saying it led them to suspicions of foul play. Kathy never boarded her flight to Atlanta. And she hasn’t been seen since.

Her family is convinced that Marks had something to do with her disappearance. He has previous convictions for drug possession and smuggling contraband into a Colorado prison. And he too is missing. 

A week after Kathy talked to her sister, Marks’ Buick was found in the parking lot of a Longmont hotel, about 30 miles from the couple’s home.

But so far, detectives are playing whatever info they have close to the vest. We’ll keep you posted.

UPDATE: Kathy Adams’ body has been found.

The woman known as Psychic Kay was found in a ravine off a highway near Estes Park. Early indications say she was beaten to death, but the body was so decomposed it may take further tests to reveal her exact manner of death.

Meanwhile, detectives are still looking for her husband. There’s been no sign of him since his car was found at a motel about a week after Kathy is believed to have gone missing. 

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